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Translated from German

about 3 years


Had the feeling I was disturbing you.

I just came in for a job advertised. Had contact with 3 people and every time the feeling I would just be very annoying.

Translated from German

over 2 years

Former employee

unfriendly, disinterested care

I felt "unwanted" from the first second on - if you call and ask for pay or other modalities, you are treated as if you would ask them for a huge favor ... never again!

Translated from German

over 2 years

Applicant, Temporary

Dishonest, not recommended ....

I have applied for a temporary position through Esprit Personalberatung AG. After a telephone conversation, my CV was forwarded to the temporary position and company.

Shortly afterwards, the company invited me directly to an interview. Until then, I was always given the feeling that I was the only applicant through Esprit's personnel office. It was only after the interview and rejection by the company that I learned that the newly hired candidate had also been r...more