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Your career at Bruker

Bruker offers great opportunities for those who want to grow their potential in a growing company, with great people to work with.

There is one clear answer on how we’ve become a leading provider of high performance analytical solutions and systems: It is the people at Bruker who make us who we are. They come from a variety of professional backgrounds, at all career levels from the most junior to the most senior.

On our website you can find Bruker`s career opportunities – and which of our jobs best match your profile. We wish you all the best – and look forward to meeting you in the future.


IT Support Analyst (w/m)

Bruker BioSpin AGFällanden


Microbiology Sales Specialist (m/f)

Bruker BioSpin AGFällanden


Sales Manager - Optics (w/m)

Bruker BioSpin AGFällanden



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