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Usability - Wir machen's einfach! Testen im Usability-Labor, Lösungen entwickeln im User-centered Design, Kundenerlebnis optimieren und benutzerfreundlich gestalten, Wirkung und damit Verkaufschancen erhöhen, Manuals und Training verständlich und motivierend gestalten: Unser Angebot stellt den Be...more

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over 1 year

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Exciting projects and very good working atmosphere

Strong focus on content and no profit maximization. There is no chargeability quota for the consultants, as is sometimes the case with other agencies. Overall, the work is a lot of fun and the projects are very diverse. The management stands behind the employees. On the individual projects you alway...more

The variance of the order situation could be reduced, but this is not easy. However, it is a fact that the burden on employees can currently vary relatively strongly from month to month. However, overtime is not usually worked systematically.