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MeteoNews hat sich in den letzten 20 Jahren zum grössten privaten Wetterdienst der Schweiz entwickelt. Wir beliefern diverse Kunden, darunter auch grosse Medien wie Zeitungen, Radio und Fernsehen tagtäglich mit topaktuellen und hochqualitativen Wetterinformationen.

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Translated from German

10 months

Former employee, Unlimited employment

Good working atmosphere, quickly familiarised, but little pay

Working climate Media enquiries Media presence in radio, newspapers, online media and private television stations Rapid induction of interns

Salary, incl. decent remuneration of trainees in 100% workload Possibility to comply with legally required breaks/rest periods Payment for night and Sunday work 5. holiday week as usual in Switzerland Increase public awareness

Translated from German

about 2 years

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Interesting, fascinating and human environment.

My resume to be employed here after 1.5 months: People with an affinity for technology and a flair for system administration (Linux, OpenBSD, Mac, Windows) and programming (from shell scripts to websites) can let off steam here. It is a complex, fascinating and lively environment with its own televi...more

There's always something to improve. This is in the nature of things, especially an infrastructure of this complexity and enterprise of this size. Problems and suggestions for improvement are discussed and solved in a pragmatic, professional and needs-based manner. It's a living environment that nev...more

Translated from German

over 2 years

Current employee, Unlimited employment

versatile and flexible

The range of activities in IT is very diverse. In general, tasks that arise in the team are distributed in a way that best corresponds to the wishes and experiences. This often allows insights into new topics. I particularly benefit from the flexible organisation of working hours. Within certain lim...more

Many orders are placed at short notice, so that longer-term tasks have to be postponed again and again.