Product Manager - Code Quality

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SonarSource is looking for a passionate Product Manager who will help us drive the future of our code analyzers. You will be part of the Product Management team that drives the vision and roadmaps for SonarLint, SonarQube, and SonarCloud. 

Product Manager - Code Quality

SonarSource is looking for a passionate Product Manager who will help us drive the future of our code analyzers. You will be part of the Product Management team that drives the vision and roadmaps for SonarLint, SonarQube, and SonarCloud. 

The impact you can have

The Product Management team is composed of passionate Product Managers who are fully engaged to deliver the best products that help development teams write clean and safe code.

As Code Quality Product Manager, you will focus on the domain that is part of the company DNA. SonarSource's story started with the detection of maintainability (code smells) and then reliability (bugs) issues. Since then, SonarSource is and wants to remain the leader in this domain.

We want to bring Code Quality to a higher level. You will be the one pushing forward our analyzers to detect even more interesting code quality issues. You'll also contribute to enhancing the user experience in regards to Code Quality in our three products: SonarLint, SonarQube, and SonarCloud.

By joining us, you will bring your deep knowledge of some programming languages, your passion for code quality and your experience as a Product Manager to help SonarSource reach the next level and provide an awesome user experience to millions of developers.

As a Product Manager, you will

  • Contribute to the products’ vision for code quality and communicate about it, internally and externally
  • Build and maintain an effective roadmap
  • Specify increments with the engineering teams and support them during the end-to-end development stage
  • Sync with the engineering teams to ensure that there is a good balance among innovation, consolidation, and stability
  • Work closely with other product managers to design cross-product features
  • Follow what’s happening in the code quality world to anticipate changes and feed your thoughts with potential innovations
  • Attend conferences and give talks if you like
  • Interact with our users and customers on our product forum to support them and integrate their feedback
  • Help the Product Management team grow in its organization, tools, and processes

The skills you will demonstrate

  • Passionated by programming languages (with deep knowledge for some of them like C++, C# or JavaScript) and how to write clean code
  • Experience in software product management, preferably in an agile context
  • Experience in software development - contribution to open-source linters will be a plus
  • Highly autonomous and pragmatic
  • Open-minded and very positive can-do attitude
  • Comfortable in dealing with change and complexity
  • Self-confident enough to challenge the status quo as well as to receive feedback
  • Leadership: you take initiative and demonstrate your ability to lead a subject from beginning to end

Why you will love it here

  • Safe work culture
    We value respect, kindness, and the right to fail.
  • Flexible hours
    We schedule our days in order to be effective at work, while also being able to enjoy life’s important moments.
  • Great people
    We value people skills as much as technical skills and strive to keep things friendly and laid back. Still, that does not prevent us to be passionate and leaders in our domains. Our 100+ SonarSourcers from 20 different nationalities can relate!
  • Work-life balance
    Keeping a healthy work-life balance is important. Which is why some people prefer working part-time, and some days work from home.
  • Always keep learning
    In an ever-changing industry, learning new skills is a must, and we're happy to help our team to acquire them.

What we do

SonarSource was started by a team of developers that wanted to change the way code is built in an agile development process. The company was created to develop the open-source tool SonarQube, which is now the standard in code quality management with over 120,000 instances deployed today. Every day we are focused on solving developers’ next big problem.

Who we are

At SonarSource we believe in people, excellence, and delivery. We’re a team of problem solvers and overachievers who seek out others who are also passionate and relentless in their respective missions. We want to work with people who are ready to fasten their seat belts and be part of an incredible ride. We work hard not because we’re told to, but because we genuinely love what we do and do what we love. If there’s one main message we want you to remember about us, it’s that we push others to be best in class at whatever they do: choose your battle, innovate, take risks, and lead change. Join us; we’ll be smarter and stronger together.

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