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Spécialiste en analytique RH - CDD 80-100%

Ville de Lausanne - Lausanne

Beratung, Datenmanagement, Einsatzbereitschaft, Excel, Flair für Zahlen, Microsoft Visual Basic, Objektrelationale Abbildung, Qlikview, Tableau ...
19 Oct

Conseiller∙ère en insertion professionnelle 80-90%

Ville de Lausanne - Lausanne

Berufliche Eingliederung, Recht, Sozialversicherung
19 Oct

Architecte inspecteur·trice - auxiliaire 80-100%

Ville de Lausanne - Lausanne

Datenbanken, Eigenverantwortung, Microsoft Office, Organisationsfähigkeit, Sachlichkeit, Werkzeuge
19 Oct


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Translated from German

about 1 year

Applicant, Temporary

and lausanne is a beatiful place to stay and work

This works well in the company

is a recognise company in canton vaud,with fine geographical location,well organise and the company have different department,you cannot belive how big his the company

This could be improved

i have work in a cleaning company before like ISS,i like woking in the street,empty the dustbin.around the comunue

Translated from French

over 2 years

Applicant, Unlimited employment


This works well in the company

the right contact be polite to people and respect of hours

This could be improved

respect for people and to listen carefully to the person in charge and understand each other