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Die SV Group mit Sitz in Dübendorf bei Zürich geht auf die 1914 von Else Züblin-Spiller gegründete Non-Profit-Organisation «Schweizer Verband Soldatenwohl» zurück. Heute ist die SV Group eine innovative Gastronomie- und Hotelmanagement-Gruppe, die in der Schweiz, in Deutschland und in Österreich tät...more

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Translated from German

almost 3 years

Former employee

Rather to be discouraged

The contact is nice as long as you work and say "yes" to everything. The plant management does what you think, as long as numbers are correct everything is obviously allowed. The appearance to the outside (image etc.) is very good but unfortunately does not correspond to practice. If one complain...more

Translated from German

almost 3 years

Former employee

count numbers

Unfortunately for the employer, the only thing that matters is the numbers. The employees are not treated correctly. If you don't accept that, you have to go. Sad but true.

Translated from German

about 3 years


"Trial Works"

Unfortunately, I didn't read the mails that day, and I had the cancellation in the mailbox at the same time as the day for the rehearsal. Only nobody told me that (consciously?) there (rogue who thinks evil) the crew was surprised that I didn't come from a temporary company to help out. Logically, f...more