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ELITA Personalberatung gehört zu den führenden Personalberatungs-Firmen im Raum Zürichsee - Glarnerland. Seit 1989 im Vermittlungsgeschäft tätig, verfügen wir über eine umfassende Datenbank mit potenziellen Interessenten, die wir individuell kontaktieren können.

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ELITA Personalberatung

Service Koordinator 100%

ELITA Personalberatung - Altendorf

Bläst Du uns den frischen Wind?
ELITA Personalberatung

Mechaniker / Mitarbeiter Betriebsunterhalt

ELITA Personalberatung - Rapperswil

Schraube locker?
ELITA Personalberatung


ELITA Personalberatung - Bezirk Höfe

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Translated from German
over 2 years
bad investigation

i'm not satisfied with this mediation. i wasn't taken seriously at all and just get rejected. i really wanted to do a great job.

Translated from German
about 1 year
Unlimited employment
ELITA deserves the best mark!

Super mediation company!!! From abroad (Germany) I was looking for work in Switzerland and also found it thanks to ELITA, although I have already exceeded 50. At first I didn't intend to contact an agency. By chance I got in touch with ELITA, something better couldn't happen to me.
Mrs. Stoilov and...more

Potential for improvement...? I cannot identify and name any possible improvements.

Translated from German
9 months
Executive / Manager

Thank you very much, very nice. Continue to enjoy and have fun at work. Kind regards Your ELITA

Translated from German
about 2 years
Great personnel office

Elita Personalberatung AG surprised me very much with its active search for a suitable position. The cooperation was very pleasant, personal and uncomplicated. Can only recommend Elita Personalberatung AG.


Erika Marty

ELITA Personalberatung — Rapperswil

Fabienne Weichselbraun

ELITA Personalberatung — Rapperswil

Sabrina Stoilov

ELITA Personalberatung — Rapperswil


ELITA Personalberatung

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