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Translated from German

almost 3 years


computer scientist

Unusable selection procedure. The rejection is made automatically, queries are not possible at all (and probably also undesirable). The text is succinct "someone else fitted better" and individual reasons for refusal are not communicated. The system has probably just finished the evaluation - in the...more

Translated from German

about 2 years

Applicant, Unlimited employment

As an applicant, you only expect automatic feedback!

I applied recently, but unfortunately I also received an automatically generated answer! I would never have expected such an institute like the ETH to come back! I am really disappointed by the ETH, believe me you are only rewarding your time. I am sure I would have fit 90% to this job description,...more

ETH should also take some time for the cancellations, as well as the applicants should also take time for the application.

Translated from German

over 1 year

Applicant, Unlimited employment

Maybe it's better this way if it doesn't work out...

You can only judge when you've worked there. The job offers sound challenging.

who knows how the employment relationship would have turned out. Automatic confirmation of receipt of application. That's all there was to it. Nothing else came. To show more contempt is not possible.

Translated from German

10 months

Applicant, Unlimited employment

Poor application process

Recruitment process miserable. Why throw applications not answered?

No reply to application. You should at least take the time to send a rejection

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