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Tamedia is a Swiss media company based in Zurich.

Tamedia's daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, online platforms, together with its newspaper printing facility make it one of Switzerland's leading media enterprises. Thanks to their independent reporting and critical investigations Tamedia's...

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Tamedia AG

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Tamedia AG - Zürich

Du führst proaktive Rückgewinnungsdialoge mit Kunden, welche ihr Abonnement gekündigt haben, sowohl telefonisch als auch per E-Mail
Tamedia AG

Lehrstelle als Anlagenführer/-in EFZ ab August 2021

Tamedia AG - Zürich

Planung der Produktionsabläufe
Tamedia AG

Lehrstelle als Medientechnologe/in EFZ Print 100%

Tamedia AG - Bern

Maschinenführung der Druckmaschine KBA Commander 6/2


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almost 3 years

Current employee

The worst working situation,the most unprofessional managers

After several years working for them I have to say that it is not worth to even try it. So unprofessional managers are around you and making the work situation worse because of lack of experience. They just come because of having good connection.

Translated from German

over 2 years


Weak reasoning

Although over 10 years of ICT and IT project experience received an impersonal and absolutely weak rejection (2 lines). No possibility to ask because there is no phone number or contact address. I am told that the candidates fit better, but after two months the position is still advertised.
If I, as...more

Translated from German

over 2 years

Former employee

Agile company but personnel as a cost factor

Tamedia is fundamentally a good company, with fair employment conditions and competitive wages. But the personnel policy is doubtful. Operations and parts of operations are redimenisioned under minimal conditions. The workplace can never be regarded as safe and the permanent reorganizations are drai...more