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universaljob has been one of the largest recruitment and placement agencies in Switzerland for more than 40 years. The entire Swiss market is served with 21 branches. 130 employees ensure that corporate clients and candidates are satisfied. Our goal is to bring people and companies together for a su...



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14 March 2020


As applicants and users of your services as very good.

This works well in the company

As an applicant I judge your appearance as very pleasant and transparent. I also judge the free CV-Tool as very generous....

This could be improved

No measures required or identified so far. I have been a cautious user of your services since January 2020...


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Alessandro Di Donato

Universal-Job AG, Bern — Bern

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Nadine Jenni

Universal-Job AG, Bern — Bern


Universal-Job AG, Bern

Papiermühlestrasse 71
3014 Bern