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With around 372'000 employees globally, more than 5300 of which are in Switzerland, Siemens is one of the world’s leading technology companies – and arguably one of the most diverse and innovative companies too. Hardly any other company is present in so many sectors and markets: - Harmonizing...more

Job Offers

Working Student Environmental Protection EU Green Deal 40-60% (f/m)

Siemens Schweiz AG - Zuerich

Beziehungsfähigkeit, Datenschutz, Deutsch, Diplomatisches Verhalten, Englisch, F#, Host, IT-Netzwerk, Informationsethik, Informationssuche, Politik, ...
18 Jun

Call Agent (zweisprachig F/D) fürs SI Service Center 60-100% (m/w)

Siemens Schweiz AG - Ostermundigen

Allgemeinwissen, Bankett-Service, Belastbarkeit, Deutsch, Ethnologie, Exaktheit, F#, Französisch, Fröhlichkeit, Gelassenheit, HR Dienstleisung, ...
18 Jun

Praktikant IoT Software 80-100% (m/w)

Siemens Schweiz AG - Zug

Allgemeinwissen, Anpassungsfähigkeit, Deutsch, Effizienz, Eigenverantwortung, Englisch, Gewissenhaftigkeit, Handel, Internet der Dinge, ...
17 Jun


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Translated from German

over 2 years

Current employee

working student

Great job, great environment and team. Flexible working hours. Fair payment. So far I have been able to contribute a lot of knowledge from my studies.

Translated from German

6 months

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Good working atmosphere in the teams

The teams in which I was allowed to work or lead always functioned well and performed well. At team level, there is often a very good relationship between colleagues. Mutual helpfulness and support are actively practiced.

The size of the company means that it is sluggish in certain internal areas. Resolutions are often made, but cannot be implemented. Unfortunately, the company does not consistently live the basic idea "employees are our most important asset". The much praised slogan "be an entrepreneur in the compan...more

Translated from German

8 months

Former employee, Unlimited employment

Open-minded and modern

The company is well organized and up-to-date. In the team in which I was active, we had a very collegial relationship.

The size of the company means that it is sluggish in certain internal areas.