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Med Beauty Swiss AG -

11/15/201960% – 80%


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Translated from German
Products good, the rest......

The company moves constantly, with going or going down, is the motto. Stress is a part of it and is commonplace, learning by doing is not an option.

A little more respect and patience from the management. More responsive to the skills of the employee. less announcing dismissals.

Translated from German
no job to rest on

innovations and many new cosmetic brands are constantly expanding your horizons, standstill or boredom are foreign words here, but also require a lot of personal, flexibility and commitment, products are great and fun.

working materials and workplaces could be more modern, often too little time or personnel to perform the tasks with better quality.

Translated from German
It's not all gold that glitters

The products are good and they seem to be running great - great growth potential.

I got to know relatively fast and was invited after the 1st interview to a trial morning.
Many terminations in one year, outdated systems, no clear rules - extremely chaotic. Absolutely 0 digitization, a lot of paperwork, no know-how from Excell, SAP etc.


Med Beauty Swiss AG

Weissenbrunnenstrasse 41
8903 Birmensdorf

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