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Universal-Job AG ist einer der grössten Personal- und Stellenvermittler der Schweiz. Wir suchen und selektieren Personen für Dauer- oder Temporärstellen. Dabei konzentrieren wir uns auf Basiskräfte und qualifiziertes Fachpersonal bis zum mittleren Kader. Unsere Stärken sind Technische Berufsleute, k...more

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Universal-Job AG, Zürich-KV

Filialleiter/Store Manager (w/m) 100% mit Passion für hochstehende Produkte in der Elektromobilität

Universal-Job AG, Zürich-KV - Zug

Unser Kunde schafft intelligente Mobilitätsprodukte in schlichtem, klassischem Design mit modernster Technologie und ...
14 Apr
Universal-Job AG, Zürich-KV

Aufgestellte Sekretärin/Sachbearbeiterin 80% für Immobilienbranche gesucht!

Universal-Job AG, Zürich-KV - Zürich

Erfolgreiche Unternehmung im Bereich Baumanagement, Bautreuhand, LiegenschaftsverwaltungArbeitsortZürichArbeitsbeginnsofort oder nach ...
12 Apr
Universal-Job AG, Zürich-KV

BVG Betreuer Aktivversicherte 100% (w/m) in etabliertes Team & Umfeld gesucht

Universal-Job AG, Zürich-KV - Zürich

Renommierter Versicherer im Bereich der VorsorgeArbeitsortZürichArbeitsbeginnNach VereinbarungMotivationEin gut aufgestelltes Team und Umfeld freut ...
09 Apr


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over 2 years


No feedback

After submitting my application, I did not receive any feedback from the responsible personnel consultant, although I was asked several times by telephone and assured that he would contact me. Very embarrassing, especially as the consultant is a partner.

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about 2 years

Current employee

Thank you for your opinion. It is important to us to always react promptly to applications. We would like to hear more about your experience. Please call us at 052 218 19 45.

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about 3 years

Unfriendly, arrogant and spiteful. Not to be recommended: This agency promises a lot and does nothing for it.

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about 2 years

Current employee

Thank you very much for your feedback. We are always anxious to optimize our service. We would like to know more about your negative experience. Please call us at 052 218 19 45.

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3 months

Applicant, Unlimited employment

A positive, fair and professional team

I have always found the communication practiced by the company and the personal contacts to be very pleasant, open, direct and professional - while also receiving a lot of valuable input and feedback, which is by no means a matter of course in this day and age. I would like to see this philosophy co...more

With the start of Corona's measures, the scope for the implementation of planned projects was increasingly narrowed. Unfortunately, the partners involved were hardly able to influence this - but have continued to represent the interests of the applicants in a clear and transparent manner. In this re...more