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Translated from German

about 3 years

Current employee

Top employer!

I have been working at BLKB for 2 years now and think the company is great. Culture is an important element of success

Translated from German

over 1 year

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Top employer

This works well in the company

Modern and innovative working environment. Employees are the focus of attention and much is invested in their personal development.

This could be improved

The BLKB is on the right track with its strategy, but it is still missing that everyone actively contributes to it.

Translated from German

over 3 years

After five years: Unfortunately, it has old-established superiors who are not open to new and swim around in the old world. Bank advertising such as Life-Balance is only valid on paper and is not lived. The same with working models which are proposed but not approved. Old superiors always look at th...more