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Translated from German

28 days

Applicant, Unlimited employment

great employer

- fair employment conditions - very cheap parking place - pleasant atmosphere Was a pleasant interview.

Everything worked out, I can't think of any point that should be improved.

Translated from German

over 2 years

Former employee, Unlimited employment

Unpleasant employer

Nothing worth mentioning, except no pressure and possibility to do nothing.

Unfortunately, everywhere. Rethink wage policy. Promoting career opportunities.

Translated from German

about 3 years


Hardly respond to requests

Unfortunately also here in the personnel area: Potential applicants are not considered - more self-advertisement than focus on good employees.

Translated from German

over 1 year

Former employee, Unlimited employment

The longer there the more to say

Good marketing, innovation is not really there, many old processes and systems

allow errors Improve working climate Giving new employees a chance