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Translated from German
over 2 years
Absolutely lame and impersonal - 3 months for application

Not even a star would be appropriate here. The application platform/page is grotten bad. Redefine or umatis are already at the limit, but Uni Basel - no way. Processing an application took 3 months, until the automatic rejection came from the system - without contact person or possibility of further...more

Translated from German
about 2 years
Executive / Manager

This certainly does not apply to this position - we answer all inquiries personally.

Translated from German
over 1 year
Unlimited employment
Friendly but long application process

There was an application deadline and I think that's very good because you can usually get a good idea of when the interviews will start. I immediately received a personal acknowledgement of receipt of my application. The application was submitted by e-mail. The exchange was open and friendly.

Unfortunately, the entire application process took about 3 months. I asked after one month and received a personal and detailed answer. Apparently, the University of Basel has received a very large number of applications.
Conclusion: Plan enough time for the application process.
Suggestion for impro...more

Translated from German
12 months
Former employee
Flexible working hours

Well organized and structured within the DBM.

Good working atmosphere with colleagues and students.

Relatively flexible working hours.

Partially obsolete approaches, especially as far as laboratory protocols are concerned.

Leadership style questionable and in need of improvement or change.

At least in my group, hardly any of the employees really agreed with the management.
More openness for staff appraisals and changes would be g...more