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Translated from German
about 2 yearsApplicant

Keep your hands off this employer.

Chauffeurs who work at dumping rates. It's a very bad work climate. Keep your hands off this employer.

Translated from German
about 1 monthFormer employeeUnlimited employment

Poor employer

There would be a lot to criticize what is too stupid for me to write everything here, every chauffeur should find out for himself!! for nothing they don't have so many changes, I trained three chauffeurs in eight weeks where I was there in the probationary period. But my contract which I got on the...more

Bad wages, because touring wages where you are on the road from 21 o'clock - partly 12 o'clock at noon. No 13th and no night allowance !! therefore much change of chauffeurs ! And 4000 gross for 6 nights work is exploitative and badly paid. Additional journeys with bad hourly wages, one works practi...more


Blöchlinger, Frisch- und Kühllogistik GmbH

Industriestrasse 18
8112 Otelfingen