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Translated from German

about 1 year

Former employee, Unlimited employment

Work organisation is poor

One is allowed to express half an opinion. Work organization is poor.

-Holidays should be increased to 5 weeks for all, because working days are regularly long (10-12h). -The wages do not meet the requirements profile. Many employees are sometimes grossly underpaid...!

Translated from German

about 1 year

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Good working atmosphere, short decision-making processes

KABLAN is incredibly successful and you can always make a difference. The guidance leaves you enough freedom to realize your own ideas, which is great fun. In addition to others, short decision-making processes and appreciative interaction with each other are important criteria for me, so that I can...more

4 weeks of holiday can be increased by one day per year up to a maximum of 5 weeks. 5 weeks at the start of employment would be more attractive.