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Translated from German
almost 2 yearsCurrent employee
The fish stinks of the head

Miserable corporate culture, the bosses don't keep promises and look primarily for themselves ... true to the motto: The fish stinks of the head

Translated from German
almost 2 yearsCurrent employee
it's not all gold that glitters

Management structure is structured in a complicated way, quality and humanity are partly lacking, the main thing is that the numbers are right, you are going over "corpses", image is everything ........

Translated from German
over 1 yearApplicantUnlimited employment
Write many jobs out and send cancellations

Always cancel systematically with standard texts and job descriptions remain open and are always renewed or republished.
Application process is tedious and extremely long - no intermediate result - no personal contact, anonymous HRs, no contact possibilities (email, phone...)

Post a lot of posts, but if you apply, you get rejections. No beginning, no end, intransparent recruiting process.
Strange that hundreds have been open for years and the company works. Fake ads? HR Occupational Therapy?
HR chair glue which for years has been self-employed by experts replace.

Translated from German
over 1 yearFormer employeeUnlimited employment
Top numbers, little humanity!

If the numbers are right, everything's fine. Otherwise God woe betide you...

In all areas. Especially the leadership from the top. It should be quite simply more humane bosses that should be considered and not puppets from above.

Translated from German
over 2 years

It is guided from above by motivation through horror. Miserable culture.

Translated from German
over 1 yearApplicantUnlimited employment
Incredibly long waiting time after first call

The first interview went well. It was clearly structured and objective.

After the first conversation it was said that I would be informed about the next steps in the following week. After more than three weeks, I still hadn't heard anything. After a short inquiry (four weeks later), a standard e-mail was sent as a rejection.

Translated from German
10 monthsApplicantUnlimited employment
Fair and transparent experience

Very nice transparent application process. The employees of the department I applied for were very nice, open and so it was possible to find out if there was a good fit. Unfortunately it didn't work out in the end, but it was a good experience and a very fair exchange.

The job description could be a bit more detailed....

Translated from German
4 daysFormer employeeUnlimited employment
Less would be more

Since the takeover by GE and later with Cembra, the stock market price for a long time. This is thanks to the many years of development work of the predecessors, e.g. Prokredit and Bank Aufina. The successors have only squeezed the lemon and have no social conscience.

Incompetent HR employees prevent the employment of competent persons. Older MA are discriminated against or discarded. My advice: don't get old...

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