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Translated from German
5 months
Current employee
Unlimited employment
Dynamic company with potential

Dynamic and young teams with lots of drive. Working conditions have improved considerably over the last six months. There is an uncomplicated, respectful interaction with each other. The growth of the company enables individual development of each person.

There is still room for improvement in the organisation and implementation of innovations and processes. The benefit structure for employees can also still be expanded.

Translated from German
6 months
Current employee
Unlimited employment
Aubruchstimmung - Development is going in the right direction

Many development opportunities within the clubs (from intern to club manager), up to regional manager level and/or as a lateral entrant to an administrative role at headquarters.

The company continues to grow and develop and has received a professional boost with the acquisition of Fitness World (D...more

The organisational structure within the administration can / should be further expanded and strengthened. The right path has been taken and the quality is rising continuously.