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Translated from German
a year ago
Former employee
Total chaos, cadre and shift leader overstretched. ok

Where do you start and where do you stop? A total chaos, the majority of executives is totally overtaxed, every few minutes opinions are changed and statements revised, normal working is almost impossible.

Translated from German
9 months ago
Former employee
Chaotic, but they want to solve it.

There is still chaos in the different departments because the communication is not good. But the management has recognized it and is to be changed something about it. If you're not averse to helping clear the mess, you're at the right place. Progress has been made in recent years.

Translated from German
10 months ago
Current employee
In upheaval

The company is in a state of upheaval, many projects are underway. Provides the change for employees to actively engage and shape

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