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Founded in 2015, uniqFEED is a leading sports tech organization that develops virtual advertising solutions for live sports broadcast, unlocking new and enhanced revenue opportunities for sports rights holders and helping to bring brands closer to fans,.
Our technology allows content to be virtuall...

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6 months

Applicant, Unlimited employment

Does not hire / discriminates non-EU ETH Zurich graduates

I had a bad experience with the application process, but overall it looks like the company is doing interesting work.

I am an ETH Zurich graduate with prior work experience, but the company would not even consider me as a candidate.
Unfortunately, as a company looking for experts in the field of computer vision, they explicitly don't hire ETH Zurich graduates who are non-EU. It does require them a bit more effort,...more

Translated from German

over 2 years

Current employee

Casual working atmosphere

At uniqFEED I can contribute my expertise in computer vision with a lot of passion and commitment.