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Translated from German
Clear application process4.0
Job clearly described5.0
Personalized answer4.0
Response time to your application5.0
4 months ago
Unlimited employment
Top application process!

I applied as a regional manager and had a great experience. Lidl uses modern tools such as a video assessment and an online test, saving time and money for both candidates and the company. I particularly liked the selection day. I was able to get to know people and processes. And unique is the case...more

Compared to the application procedures of other companies (especially in the retail trade) I can't think of anything negative.

Translated from German
Salary and benefits5.0
Management style5.0
Working environment5.0
Career opportunities5.0
6 months ago
Current employee
Good team

The team's the bomb. You have great motivation to work together!

I think everything's going well and I don't need any improvement.

Translated from German
Salary and benefits3.0
Management style2.0
Working environment4.0
Career opportunities3.0
7 months ago
Former employee
Unlimited employment
Top conditions of employment/

Fair employment conditions, compliance with labour laws,
training sessions

Unfortunately, attention is paid only to diplomas and not to the qualities needed to guide people.

There'd be no reason to leave Lidl. Unfortunately, at that time, the wrong people were in the important positions. This has changed in the meantime.

Translated from German
9 months ago
Former employee
Performance above all

Unfortunately lidl doesn't learn. far too young managers bring unrealizable visions with them that absolutely have to be realized, come what may, in case of need on the back of the store employees. The performance principle is always present, unfortunately the work is still there even if the turnove...more

Translated from French
Salary and benefits5.0
Management style1.0
Working environment1.0
Career opportunities3.0
4 months ago
Former employee
Unlimited employment
Good paid for a slave

Very good salary condition of company car for managers

Respect for employees the human side is not taken into account you were a number that can be deleted without any scruple even respect for the employee
Be careful if you are injured at work because of a bad load, even if you can't do anything about it, you will be fired with little equal contempt.

Translated from German
10 months ago
Current employee
bullying employees

Staff harassment,
Monitoring wherever possible, fair treatment of employees by superiors a foreign word!
Contact personnel department in writing? no address to be found only telephone numbers
One should simply function otherwise one is constantly threatened .. can go if it does not fit!

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