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Translated from German

over 3 years

I on my rating in which all the conditions were met within 5 working hours received a meaningless refusal written in miserable English, flapsy and factually nonsensical. Don't waste time applying to this company.

Translated from German

5 months

Former employee, Unlimited employment

Technologically interesting, poorly managed

This works well in the company

Possibilities for international customer contact; exerting influence is possible in principle, but requires extraordinary performance with a lot of overtime. Direct, uncomplicated exchange at all levels would be possible in principle, but is extremely difficult with the current work culture and mana...more

This could be improved

The management style should be more contemporary and agile, the existing unprofessionalism harms its own chances of success; strategic and operational planning should be effectively in place and also pursued; professionalism in engineering and industrialization skills should be acquired; Flexibility...more


over 3 years

Current employee

good and meaningful work and quite some freedom to do it

I like the company. I feel like really contributing to something important and promising and I actually like the culture here. I specifically like my coworkers who are very international und collaborative and I have quite some freedom to do my work.