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Wir sind ein Team von unabhängigen Personalberatern mit unterschiedlicher Ausbildung und Berufserfahrung im nationalen und internationalen Umfeld. Wir vermitteln bestgeeignetes Personal des kaufmännischen, technischen und handwerklichen Bereichs, temporär oder fest, an qualifizierte Auftraggeber, ge...more

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4 monthsApplicantUnlimited employment

Unprofessional and dubious!

obviously not much, if jobs are advertised, but there is no response to submitted applications and the application therefore simply runs into nothing!

I had applied for a position with Trio Personal on 25.06.2020. Unfortunately until today, apart from the standard answer that my documents are under review, I have NOT received any feedback. As an embarrassing excuse the big amount of work because of COVID-19 is certainly mentioned. But Trio Persona...more


Herbert Bollhalder

Trio Personal H. Bollhalder GmbH — Weinfelden

Stefan Frei

Trio Personal H. Bollhalder GmbH — Weinfelden


Trio Personal H. Bollhalder GmbH

Pestalozzistrasse 12
8570 Weinfelden