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over 2 years


Poorly HR

Request submitted, no confirmation. Many times asked, no answer. After several months, suddenly a groundless cancellation occurred. As I learned from a friend who works in this company, they wanted to have someone with FR mother tongue. There was nothing in the job offer and seemed to be probably r...more


almost 3 years

Current employee

Good company to work for

I enjoy being part of the team which is launching the company. Motivated people, flat hierarchy and openness to learn is what I most appreciate. Things happen very fast too, no bureaucracy and very innovative approach to Business Processes. It is also fun to work at Idorsia.


over 2 years

Former employee, Unlimited employment

Idorsia: a startup with the default of a big company

Good heritage from Actelion with some excellent and motivated people, who really want to push projects forward

Too many layers of management, bringing a lot of office politics Bring "Trust and teamwork" as one of the core value again.


2 months

Applicant, Unlimited employment

Very good interviews and good spirit

I met with very professional and enthusiastic people. The HR team has been very helpful.

Provide a regular status if the hiring process is taking longer than usual to prevent any misunderstanding or skepticism from the candidate.

Translated from French

7 months

Former employee, Unlimited employment

Company that no longer innovates

Idorsia is based on the success of Actelion. Everything that dates back to before the takeover is working pretty well. The products developed are promising and the processes that date from that time are still working.

After Actelion was bought by J&J and Idorsia was created, the best people left to be replaced by politicians. To succeed in this company, you have to stay in line and protect the incapable leaders. There is a levelling down that manifests itself by a lack of initiative, a letting go and tools that a...more