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06 November 2019

Current employee

Sehr gutes Arbeitsklima

This works well in the company

Vieles. Kollegialer Führungsstil. Sehr gutes Arbeitsklima. Viele Benefits (z.B. Grillfest, Skiweekend,...). Gute Ideen werden schnell umgesetzt....

This could be improved

Schwierig zu sagen. Die Firma macht Vieles sehr gut. Evtl. könnte man die Produktionsmitarbeitenden noch mehr in Entscheidungsprozesse mit einbeziehen. Aber dies ist bereits Jammern auf hohem Niveau, da man aufgrund der flachen Hierarchie stets die Möglichkeit hat, proaktiv Ideen einzubringen....

Translated from German

07 January 2020

Current employee

Varied and interesting

This works well in the company

Dealing with and among employees is very respectful and collegial. The management always has an open ear for the concerns of the staff. As a manufacturing company in Switzerland, you are almost forced to continuously improve and optimize procedures and processes. And this in an industry in which saf...

This could be improved

As a small company, resources are always an issue. The existing systems and tools are certainly not always used to their full potential. Due to the manageable size and high flexibility, local isolated applications are often implemented and the cross-departmental system concept is somewhat lost....