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23 November 2022

Former employee

Bad working atmosphere and low salaries

This works well in the company

Some trainings and courses were useful, probably that's all....

This could be improved

Improve work environment (which was unpleasant) and managerial practices, increase salaries, care about employees...

20 August 2023

Former employee

Better than being unemployed. Look elsewhere.

This works well in the company

There are some things that work well within the company, albeit for a very narrow range of values of "well". The Swiss internal HR employees ensure to take great pains to be seen to be following the local labor legislation, and ensuring that nothing more than the absolute minimums are given to othe...

This could be improved

There's a lot of scope for improvements in EPAM, certainly as seen from the view of the client-sited employee After over three years of observing the deficiencies and problems extant within the Swiss branch of the company, I can offer these suggestions as concrete items that will improve the work...

23 Januar 2020

Current employee

Fast growing organization with a stable core team

This works well in the company

After the company made the decision to hire me, they were really putting in effort to convince me to join which was highly appreciated. The company made me feel very welcome when I started. Since then I met a large amount of energized and dedicated people which are working hard to make a differe...

This could be improved

The hiring process was rather complex. The organizational structure is not very straight forward and full of exceptions - partly the structure is built around the people. This makes it not easy for new joiners to quickly find their way around....