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Personal Lubag AG vermittelt schon seit 1982 Temporär- und Feststellen.
Wir bieten massgeschneiderte Personallösungen für die spezifischen Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden.
Ein traditioneller Schwerpunkt liegt beim Bauhaupt- und Baunebengewerbe. Ebenso kompetent vermitteln wir Stellen in der Industrie...

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Personal Lubag AG

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Personal Lubag AG - Emmenbruecke

Personal Lubag AG in Emmenbrücke vermittelt seit 1982 Temporär- und Feststellen im Baugewerbe und in der Industrie. Unser Kunde, ein innovatives ...


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Translated from German
10 months
Former employee
Unlimited employment
Encouraging employees and using Polyvalent

The company is well organized in the temporary sector, mainly construction main trade.
Especially appreciated by the temporary employees is the fact that they are brought to the construction site or to the warehouse of the company on the first day. The company is clearly structured and has a flat hi...more

The annual key figures should be shown to the permanent employees. Corporate strategies are important from my point of view, therefore they should be made known to the employees.
If possible, the year-end talks should not only be viewed at the end of the year, but on a quarterly basis. Encourage and...more

Translated from German
9 months
Current employee

I am very pleased that a former employee publicly praises my work at Personal Lubag and recommends me as a mediator of findings. Thank you very much, also at this point.

Andreas Kilchmann
Personnel consultant Find out

Translated from German
7 months
Unlimited employment
Very good cooperation

Very good cooperation with Mr. Kilchmann. I feel understood and
he's really standing up for me.

Basically this is a traditional temporary office.
The expansion to permanent positions is successful, but takes time.
Accordingly, the network is still missing in one or the other branch of industry.

Translated from German
8 months
Unlimited employment
High professional and human competence

Very quick reaction to the application dossier.
After a short time I had a first appointment for a finding agency. It was a substantially deep and extremely pleasant discussion, in a pleasant environment with the focus on getting to know the applicant comprehensively.
The interviewer convinced me in...more

During the interview there was a WLAN malfunction twice. The network appears to be unstable. There is certainly room for improvement.


Personal Lubag AG

Emmenweidstrasse 58
6020 Emmenbrücke