Job applications


Speculative applications

As far as speculative applications are concerned, you are often the only person in the running. With the right intuition, luck with timing, and by showing genuine interest; you have every chance of landing a job with your preferred employer.

You know exactly what you have to offer, however throughout the job market there are no suitable jobs on offer. If you have an exact idea of the company capacity you want to work in, why not try a speculative or unsolicited application. The advantages: you are just about the only person in the running, you show that you are a self-starter and are able to document a show of genuine interest in the company - which will often feel flattered by this approach. However, the prerequisite is that you research the company thoroughly beforehand, i.e. study the website thoroughly to check if it is the right place for you. If you are already familiar with the company and know to whom you need to address your application, so much the better. Avoid submitting a covering letter beginning with the universal «Dear Sirs». A telephone call in advance can at least get your foot in the door.

We recommend you send only a CV with a speculative application, and don't forget to indicate that you will submit further documentation at a later stage upon request.

In addition, you should bear the following points in mind:

  1. Submit your application if possible 6 weeks before the end of a quarter. This is a good time because many more resignations are received then.
  2. Never submit an application between Christmas and New Year or during long holiday periods.
  3. Only send a short letter giving the reason for your application, and enclose your CV and photograph.
  4. Adapt your application to the company, and match your qualifications profile to the job that you are looking for. Example: I am applying to you because I gather from your website (your company literature / your company profile or similar) that you adopt a forward-looking strategy in Research (HR Development, Sales, Purchasing, Administration etc.), which would allow me to make a valuable contribution using my skills and knowledge.


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