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Sample covering letter

Application for a part-time position in Administration

Dear Mr. Müller

Until 31 July 2007, for 19 years, I had a successful career as a secretary/assistant and as a qualified import/export administrator at Messrs. XY in Z; and during this period I also worked together with your company. Regrettably I lost my position of responsibility as a result of corporate restructuring. I am therefore seeking a new challenging and a demanding position, where I can demonstrate my qualities of commitment, reliability and professionalism.

During my previous employment I acquired comprehensive, well-founded skills and experience in the areas of administrative support, HR management and office management. Furthermore, given my training, areas of professional activity and my 12-month residence in the USA in a professional capacity; I am also virtually fluent in English, or rather in American English.

My many years of experience have made me familiar with the excellent reputation of your company and services, and I would be delighted to be able to make a contribution to your business. A part-time job with approx. 25 hours/week, primarily in the mornings, would be ideal. Naturally I am able to familiarise myself with the requirements of the job quickly and professionally, and am willing to enhance my professional skills.

I would be delighted if you would be willing for us to work together in the future and if you had a vacancy for me in your company. I would be pleased discuss my skills in more detail at an interview, as appropriate.

Yours sincerel

Renate Meier