Job applications



Speculation is a waste of time: if you do not get any feedback after submitting your application, you sometimes need to jog the HR executive's memory. An enquiry to check if the application has been received is by all means legitimate.

Now you have invested all that care and effort in your application, submitted all documents neatly and on time; yet you have received neither a confirmation of receipt nor any other signal from the potential employer. Yet that is the job that you really wanted. Instead of getting all disappointed and speculating wildly, be proactive!

About 10 days counts as the time limit. If by then you have still not heard anything, telephone the contact to whom you sent your application. Inform them politely that you submitted an application on a certain date and you would now like to know if your application was received. You thus underline your interest in the vacancy. Enquire if necessary if you need to submit any other documents. Incidentally, this procedure also applies to online applications.

Should these efforts not bring any results, and you continue to be left in the dark; you can assume the company's corporate philosophy is not particularly strong on respect and it treats its employees shoddily. Just forget about what you thought was your dream job in your dream company. You would not be happy in that atmosphere.