Job applications


Online application

Submitting an application electronically is the ultimate in convenience. Basically the same rules apply as with postal applications. In many cases an informative cover e-mail plus résumé will do, in the first instance.

Already half of all applications are now submitted by e-mail and the trend is increasing sharply. For both sender and recipient, this is a major improvement. The electronic application folder always looks immaculate, laborious copying of attachments can be dispensed with; and the photograph is always impeccable. Furthermore the sender can compile his folder individually for each application. And last but not least: electronic applications also help to keep the mountains of paper under control. You should only send an application by e-mail to companies where this is explicitly requested. If in doubt, it is better to ask.

With an online application basically the same rules apply as for an application by post. Some companies have already set up a special online form on their websites. An elegant solution is when you provide in your application mail a link from where your dossier can be retrieved. In a passive job search you can also store your profile, for example.