Job search



Your documents are up-to-date and now you can get going. But where? And how? For an active search for a new job, a looking in the newspapers is no longer sufficient. By taking a smart, strategic approach, you are already one step closer to your dream job.

Today, the Internet is regarded as the most important – and quickest – source of information about the current jobs market. Of course you will continue to find information in the print media, such as newspapers and magazines. Another important source are professional recruitment consultants, at whose offices you can find out about jobs that are never advertised to the public. Also, trawl the websites of companies you are interested in. If previously only larger companies advertised their vacancies in this fashion, nowadays small and medium-sized businesses are also making use of this tool.

"I am looking for a new job. Do you know of anything?" If you are looking for a job, you should not keep this to yourself, but should inform the whole of your personal network. Inform relatives, friends, acquaintances and former colleagues that you are looking for a new job and what kind of jobs you are considering. A good option is to post your own profile on an online jobs portal, such as And don't forget to send a spontaneous or speculative application to the company you would like to work for. You can never discount the possibility that you will come knocking at just the right time – and thus become the first candidate.

Have you understood everything? If you find a job advertisement that appeals to you, read through the text thoroughly. Only get in contact if you match the job profile to a large extent, otherwise your application will land on the rejections pile. Before putting pen to paper, it is also recommended that you obtain information about the company from its website. The more you know, the more tailored and targeted you can draft your covering letter.