Job search



Nowadays the largest selection of vacancies is to be found on Internet job sites. There are increasingly more of such job exchanges, some of which disappear again after a few months. Therefore, think about using established platforms, such as

Qualification criteria are very useful for a targeted search on the Internet. A good host designs his website in such a way as to enable job area, industry and region to be specified and narrowed down. Additional criteria such as job title and type of employment (e.g. permanent employment, temporary work, part-time work, etc.) can help to refine your search even more.

With the aid of stored information, you can also have new advertisements sent to you by e-mail, for example the jobs.mail from This saves clicking through the individual sections.

If you would rather be identified by potential employers, some Internet job exchanges offer the option to store a profile or a résumé on their site. This is not particularly recommended for those who need to find a new job quickly but you may just be pleasantly surprised.

Do you have your eye on a particular company who you definitely want to work for? Then you should visit the company's own website regularly and directly. Your dream job might have been posted there overnight. Or better still: visit Company Search at There you will find current job offers from more than 1,700 companies.

Very important: if you have just returned from a long holiday and discover your dream job on the Internet, look at the date when the advertisement was posted on the Internet. If the job was posted more than two weeks ago, it may be worth calling the contact person listed. Your polite question as to whether the job is still available may save you a lot of disappointment.