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Passive job search

The search for a new job, maybe even your dream job, takes a great deal of your time. Why don’t you simply let people find you? The Internet makes this possible.

In particular for people who are not urgently searching for a new employer, but are open to, and above all, can be approached for new challenges; the drafting of a profile at an online job portal such as is a convenient way to test one’s market value in the job market. And for job-seekers it provides the opportunity of swapping roles for once: it is not you looking for a job, but rather a company is seeking to acquire your services.

Drafting a so-called application profile only takes a couple of minutes - as long as you have the necessary information and details from your career history to hand. The best thing to do is to draft a normal application résumé beforehand, from which you copy the information into the appropriate form fields. Then you just sit back and wait and see what happens.

You can definitely hope to find a job vacancy. For just as job-seekers have discovered the Internet and job portals as a source of good jobs; HR executives also use the data pools of the employment agencies when looking for personnel - in particular when the economy is booming, or when there are personnel shortages in certain professions. According to the survey, "Bewerbungspraxis 2007" (Job Application in Practice 2007) by the Centre of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS, of the Universities of Frankfurt am Main and Bamberg, at present there is even a discernable trend towards "passive application". Around 70 percent of the more than 11,000 German job-seekers questioned revealed that they have already lodged their résumé in a jobs database or intended to do so. And a third of all those questioned would prefer to be contacted by companies online rather than approach them directly with an application.