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Employment agencies

Professional recruitment consultants search for suitable candidates for job vacancies on behalf of their clients. They separate the wheat from the chaff and only submit to their clients those dossiers that actually match the job advertised.

Recruitment consultants often specialise in certain professions. Before you lodge your dossier, check to see whether the company covers your profession. At, for example, you can find Swiss HR service providers, and can obtain information about the various services they provide.

There are many reasons for commissioning a recruitment consultant or registering with one; such as when discretion is required by both parties, for example,, or if complex job specifications are involved or for extended networking. Often recruitment consultants have jobs on offer that are never advertised to the public.

Registering with several recruitment consultants is a good idea, and in some cases this can even be done via the Internet. You should however restrict the number to four agencies. Otherwise your dossier could end up being submitted several times to the same employer.

For you as a job-seeker, the service provided by an employment agency is free-of-charge; ultimately you are their capital. Should your application ultimately be successful, your future employer will pay the agency an agency fee. This is based on your annual salary, of which a double-digit percentage is usually billed. Don't worry, your new employer Is not allowed deduct this fee from your salary.