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Print advertisements

Print advertisements are by no means obsolete, given their rapid clarity. In the case of specific professions, particularly, it is worth looking at specialist magazines. Advertisements in regional newspapers also mean short distances to work.

Nowadays advertisement sales people can argue: "Your job advertisement will attract attention in our newspaper." A feat whereby given the strong competition from the Internet, the "Jobs" sections in newspaper have got noticeably thinner, and so the advertisements published in them attract more attention. For many companies the advertisement in the newspaper remains a customary channel when looking for personnel not least because it counts as corporate visibility to the outside world. Print advertisements are frequently published in parallel to Internet advertisements, on the basis of "better safe than sorry".

In other words, it is still worth looking in newspapers. Most major newspapers in Switzerland publish job vacancies once or several times a week. Jobs in specific professions are also often found in specialist magazines. If you don't want a long journey to work, you should definitely also have a look at regional newspapers.