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    06 Februar 2023
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    Unlimited employment
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EHS Specialist


Reporting to the Director, EHS Site in Bern, The EHS Specialist is responsible for the following;

Consulting and support of global functions and locations

  • Advising global sites on international issues related to occupational health and safety, environmental protection and sustainability aspects at CSL.

  • Consulting, support and review of CSL sites (worldwide) in the implementation and realization of the management system.

  • Advising and supporting CSL sites (worldwide) in improving occupational health and safety and safety assessment of facilities and processes.

  • Develop specific companywide EHS policies and standards for global sites.

  • Conducting internal audits (worldwide) to check the EHS management system and control legal compliance according to ISO 19011.

  • Lead global, complex, cross-functional projects Including internal and, where applicable, external resources, and corresponding budget responsibility.

Occupational safety

Identification and control of all necessary measures for compliance with the specified legal requirements and guidelines as well as operational concerns, which are necessary for accident prevention and improvement of occupational health and safety through professional advice and support in the planning, execution and maintenance of operating facilities and of social and sanitary facilities by

  • Safety inspection and assessment of operating facilities, processes/operating procedures, and technical work equipment prior to commissioning.

  • Control/assessment of workplaces and working conditions at regular intervals by means of inspection and notification of the deficiencies found, initiation of the necessary measures.

  • Advice on the procurement of technical work equipment and the introduction of work procedures and working materials.

  • Advice on workplace design, workflow, work environment and advice on other ergonomics issues.

  • Determining the causes of occupational accidents by recording and evaluating the results of investigations and drawing up appropriate measures.

  • Assist management with risk assessment.

  • Assist management in creating appropriate organization and integration into management activities.

  • Developing new concepts to improve occupational health and safety.

Environmental protection

Identify and control all necessary measures to comply with the specified legal requirements and guidelines to ensure and maintain the environment at the site (air, soil, water) through

  • Advice on the development, introduction, improvement, and application of environmentally friendly processes, including processes for the prevention or proper and harmless recovery or disposal of waste generated or disposed of during the implementation of the project, climate-friendly and energy-efficient processes, and the use of heat generated.

  • Verification of compliance with the relevant environmental regulations as well as the fulfillment of issued conditions and requirements, also regarding the prevention of disturbances and the proper execution monitor by

    • Monitoring the paths of waste from its generation or delivery to its recovery or disposal.

    • regular inspection of the premises including wastewater facilities, waste collection points and disposers in terms of functionality, proper operation as well as maintenance.

    • Measurements of releases, environmental changes and the effluent by quantity and characteristics.

    • Checking the type and nature of waste generated, recycled or disposed of during implementation at regular intervals.

    • Support To clarify the harmful environmental changes caused by the accumulated, recycled or disposed waste or wastewater, as well as to act on the facilities and measures to prevent them.


Collection, evaluation and provision of all relevant occupational health and safety and environmental data at the local level by

  • Identification local health and safety and environmental data (e.g., waste, energy, water, wastewater, etc.).

  • Preparing and presentation of all occupational health and safety and environmental protection key figures for the management of CSL as well as the central reporting requirements.

EHS Management System

Maintenance and improvement of the internal management system by

  • Conducting internal audits to review the management system.

  • Developing and implementation of concepts to improve the present management system.

  • Identification and control all necessary measures to comply with the specified legal requirements and guidelines to ensure and preserve the environment (air, soil, water).

  • Conducting local management reviews and define and identify local KPI's.

  • Preparation of GAP analyses for the adaptation of the management system to the global standards or ISO norms.

  • Creating and implement the local project plan to improve the management system.

  • Developing and improvement of the necessary management tools/documents.

  • Preparing training materials and conduct training for the EHS field.

Dangerous Goods

Within the scope of the company's activities, to seek ways and means, or arrange for measures to be taken, to ensure compliance with the regulations on the carriage of dangerous goods of the respective mode of transport, by means of,

  • Monitoring and initiating measures.

  • Monitoring compliance with hazardous materials regulations.

  • immediate notification to the Contractor of defects and errors that may affect the safety of the transport of dangerous goods,

  • Advising the company on all issues related to the transportation of dangerous goods.

  • Preparation of an accident report in case of a more serious accident involving dangerous goods.

  • Reviewing of the company's approach to various activities, in particular knowledge of the regulations for identifying the dangerous goods, approach to the purchase of new means of transport, training of workers, etc.

Identify and control all necessary measures to comply with the specified legal requirements by

  • Creating/updating of the fire protection regulations

  • Assessments of fire hazards at workplaces

  • Advise on work procedures involving fire hazards and on the use of flammable materials.

  • Determination of fire and explosion hazards

  • Preparing of operating instructions as far as they concern fire protection

  • Advice on organizational measures as far as they concern fire protection

  • Advice on the implementation of official orders and on requirements of the fire insurer as far as they concern fire protection

  • Advice on compliance with fire protection regulations for new buildings, conversions and extensions, changes of use, leases, and procurements

  • Advice on equipping workplaces with fire extinguishing equipment and selection of extinguishing agents.

  • Participation in the implementation of the fire protection concept

  • Check that escape and rescue plans, fire department plans, alarm plans, etc. are up to date, arrange for updating if necessary.

  • Planning, organization, and execution of evacuation exercises

  • Participate in official fire inspections and conduct internal fire safety inspections

  • Report defects, prepare measures for their elimination and monitor the elimination of defects.

  • Supporting managers in the regular instruction of employees in fire protection

  • Testing of storage and/or facilities for the storage of flammable liquids, gases, etc.

  • Control of the safety markings for fire protection equipment and for the escape and rescue routes

  • Monitoring the usability of escape and rescue routes

  • Organization of testing and maintenance of fire protection equipment

  • Checking that specified fire protection measures are complied with, especially in the case of work involving fire hazards

  • Advice on the determination of substitute measures in the event of failure and decommissioning of fire protection equipment

  • Participation in the implementation of preventive and reactive (protection) measures in emergency management, e.g. for critical infrastructures (power failure), for local weather events with damage potential (extreme heat/cold wave, heavy rain, storm, hail, snow load, etc.).

Education Requirements

Bachelor's degree in safety technology, engineering or natural sciences

Experience Requirements

7 years of professional EHS experience in the following;

  • Occupational safety specialist according to the Ordinance on Accident Prevention, VUV Article 11

  • Up-to-date knowledge of Swiss and relevant EHS legislation, Swiss Accident Insurance (Suva) regulations.

  • Several years of experience in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry preferred

  • English level 2

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