Product Developer (100%) in Roman, Romania

  • Publication date:

    06 November 2020
  • Workload:

  • Contract:

    Unlimited employment

Product Developer (100%) in Roman, Romania

To strengthen our Product Development Team at our Manufacturing plant in Romania, we are looking
for an experienced
In this role, the Product Developer initiates and monitors all aspects of the
product development process in close collaboration with the Product
Development team in Odlo International. The Product Developer ensures the
overall quality of the products and is responsible for the following main tasks:

  • Guide and influence the product development process toward timely
    commercialization of product;

  • Ensure the style is manufactured efficiently as possible;

  • Ensure that all dates are kept within the development calendar;

  • Ensure that all styles within the category are delivered on time to ODLO
    quality for the category;

  • Ensure that all development documentation is kept up to date and is
    correct (BOM, TI SHEET, SAMPLE COMMENTS); Born in Norway and

  • Communicate with vendors, product team members and manufacturing engineered in Switzerland,
    team to ensure a smooth product development process; Odlo offers performance

  • Ensure prototypes accurately reflect construction specifications and the sportswear across 6
    best quality product is achieved with correct workmanship/construction; categories: functional sport

  • Understand the construction and workmanship of garments throughout underwear, running, training,
    the entire sewing process; cycling, Nordic disciplines
    and outdoor.

  • Make suggestions of workmanship that is of high quality while still

achieving that target margins;
With more than 70 years of

  • Pattern Making or Garment Fitting experience is highly desired;
    heritage, Odlo, the inventor

of performance sports

We are looking for a candidate with the following background:
underwear and the three-

layer principle, continues to

  • 2-5 years expertise in a similar role, preferably within the sports/textile
    innovate, always making sure
    that it stays one step ahead,

  • Bachelor’s or trade degree in product development/pattern/design;
    and is distributed in over 35

  • Very good IT knowledge in Illustrator, MS Office, PLM tools; countries.

  • Very good language skills in English,;

  • Ability to communicate well, to make contact easily and As a full-year performance
    to work in a team; brand, Odlo also shows

  • Ability to learn and develop fast and to work well under pressure. strong commitment towards
    social and environmental

Are you interested to work within a dynamic, fast changing organization in the sustainability, and is proud of
exciting world of sport with strong ability for advancement? Can you identify its leader status at the Fair
with the Odlo brand? Send us your complete application – we look forward to Wear Foundation.
receiving it. Only online applications will be considered.