#7890 - Electrical Technician - Switzerland

Qualitest Group

  • Publication date:

    10 Mai 2023
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  • Contract:

    Unlimited employment
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#7890 - Electrical Technician - Switzerland

Our client is integrating hardware and equipment into the Swiss army platforms. We will operate, test and maintain the system within the platform. It’s a long-term project with many platforms.

You will be responsible for ensuring that the equipment is up to standards and properly installed. You will need to have a comprehensive understanding of any issues that the platforms might have, pinpoint the root cause of the issue, and define what needs to be upgraded or done to resolve the issue. This will involve determining which equipment needs to be changed and working to define what is required for the platforms or equipment. You should also be capable of operating the installation and supporting the systems, including troubleshooting. In addition, you should be able to understand the technical details of the equipment and communicate effectively with customers.


  • Implement final product into platforms

  • Analyze the connection between radio antennas, platforms, and IP routers

  • Troubleshoot issues on the platform

  • Upgrade the systems, operate the systems, and test and demonstrate the system runs properly.

  • Ensure that all equipment, platforms, and devices are up to Swiss & military standards

  • Ensure readiness for handover to operation

  • The person will go on the field, validate the installation, make sure compliance is documented and all the processes were followed

  • 2-3 years of experience as a technician (technician, not an engineer)

  • Radio & Telecom experience

  • Hardware understanding of equipment

  • Hands-on mentality with the willingness to learn and go on the field

Work Location: Bern (office) but mainly in Thun and Kreuzlingen

Working language: ideally Swiss German (German ok) and English

Driver’s License: A must, the candidate needs to be mobile, they need to have a car