Postdoc position: Formation and fission of membrane carriers in endosomal protein exit

Université de Lausanne

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    27 July 2022
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    Unlimited employment

Postdoc position: Formation and fission of membrane carriers in endosomal protein exit


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Endo-lysosomal compartments control the abundance of most plasma membrane transporters and receptors, and thereby determine the communication, interaction and transport capacities of cells. Endosomes receive proteins from the cell surface or from the Golgi and recycle them either back to these compartments, or transfer them to lysosomes, where many of them become degraded. Endo-lysosomal compartments vigorously exchange material through tubulo-vesicular carriers, which grow by polymerization of proteinaceous coats, such as retromer. Such coats collect cargo proteins and then detach from the organelle by membrane fission.

Persistence of the endo-lysosomal network would be jeopardized if exaggerated membrane exit via endosomal carriers consumed these organelles. It must hence be expected that the formation and fission of such carriers is controlled and coordinated with the availability of membrane and/or cargo. Although this coordination is crucial for endosomal homeostasis, it has remained enigmatic how it is achieved. We build cell-free systems reconstituting the formation and fission of endosomal membrane coats to elucidate this question.

Job information

Expected start date in position : to be agreed

Contract length : 1 year, renewable 2 x 2 years, maximum 5 years

Activity rate : 100%

Workplace : Epalinges

Your responsibilities

We now seek to reinforce our team with highly motivated collaborators to characterize this fundamental cell-biological problem. Candidates with training in biochemistry, chemistry, molecular or cell biology, or biophysics, are particularly encouraged to apply.

Your qualifications

Candidates with a PhD, experience and a thorough training in biochemistry, chemistry, molecular or cell biology are particularly encouraged to apply. Knowledge of yeast genetics and advanced cellular imaging techniques is advantageous but not essential.

What the position offers you

Lausanne offers a very attractive research environment, featuring a large number of highly performant and interactive research groups, state-of-the-art technical facilities, as well as a rich cultural life and great outdoor activities. The working language is English.

Contact for further information

Prof. Andreas Mayer

University of Lausanne

Department of Immunobiology

1066 Epalinges Switzerland

Your application

Deadline : 31.08.2022

Applications should contain a cv, a description of your previous work, a brief statement of your research interests and objectives, and contact information of three referees.
Please, send your full application in Word or PDF.
Only applications through this website will be taken into account.

We thank you for your understanding.

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