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Translated from German

almost 3 years

Former employee

Formerly great, today mediocre

It used to be a great company. Since Wechselberg has been in charge of the VR, Der Spirit has been lost. The focus is only on profit, employees are interchangeable.

Translated from German

over 2 years

Current employee

Good working climate

There is no better employer! Team is great and you get the chance to develop yourself further.

Translated from German

4 months

Former employee, Unlimited employment

A banana which only ripens at the customer

In the short term, Sulzer could be a possibility. In the longer term, almost everyone will come to the same conclusion. Even those who have profited from it. A company that looks interesting from the outside, but after a longer analysis reveals major weaknesses.

In over 20 years, one could experience a great change at Sulzer. A company that used to live its mission statement and values mutated into a squeezed lemon after the not entirely legal takeover of a major shareholder. The company no longer focuses on site development. Everything operational is reloc...more