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KV Praktikum Marketing und Kulturwerbung 90 - 100%

PROPAGANDA Zürich AG - CH 8004 Zürich

Berufspraktikum, Effizienz, Einsatzbereitschaft, Erlang, Exakte Arbeitsweise, Geografie, Kommunikationsfähigkeit, Kommunikationsplanung, ...

Verkaufs-Sachbearbeiter/-in Sales und Marketing, Kundenberater/-in

PROPAGANDA Zürich AG - CH 8004 Zürich

Charakterfestigkeit, Dienstleistungsorientierung, Eigenverantwortung, Einsatzbereitschaft, Excel, Kommunikationsfähigkeit, Kommunikationsplanung, ...

Flyerverteiler/-in für indoor-Distribution 30 - 60%

PROPAGANDA Zürich AG - CH 8004 Zürich

Anpassungsfähigkeit, Belastbarkeit, Distribution, Effizienz, Eigenverantwortung, Einsatzbereitschaft, Erscheinungsbild, Exakte Arbeitsweise, ...


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5 reviews
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Translated from German
I can only advise against this company!

I have not had any positive experiences like many others. To the positive reviews. You only have to look at the Google ratings of the company to notice that the boss likes to give himself 5 stars. That's all I'm saying. All I can do is warn you not to take a job here!

Translated from German
good team, exciting work, versatile and varied

I started as a marketing intern, learned a lot of new things in the first 6 months. Then I was hired on a full-time basis. The work was varied and varied, the colleagues were helpful and very collegial. After 3.5 years I wanted to make a bigger change and also use my English, so I changed to an inte...more

Translated from German

Thank you for your positive comment! Too bad you left. If you don't like the new position, we would be happy to hire you again.
Best regards
S. Galli (CEO)

Translated from German
i had a good time at PROPAGANDA

I had a good time at PROPAGANDA. I especially liked organizing the bigger projects. The requirements were relatively high at the beginning, but I was always very well supported by my colleagues. Thanks for the good time! You always see each other at least twice in your life. Best regards L.R.



Hardstrasse 69
8004 Zürich

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