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Die Asetronics AG ist ein mittelständisches Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Bern (Schweiz) sowie ein führender Anbieter in den Bereichen Electronic Engineering & Manufacturing Services (EEMS) und LED-basierte Lichtsysteme. Die Kundenforderungen, welche auf Wunsch von der Idee bis zum getesteten Produkt...more

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Ingenieur/in Testengineering

Asetronics AG - Bern

Analytisches Denken, Anpassungsfähigkeit, Belastbarkeit, Deutsch, Einsatzbereitschaft, Englisch, Innovationskraft, Java, LabVIEW, Lernbereitschaft, ...
30 Apr

Lastwagenfahrer/in als Ferienvertretung

Asetronics AG - Bern

Anpassungsfähigkeit, Belastbarkeit, Deutsch, Durchsetzungsvermögen, Eigenverantwortung, Formen, Französisch, Gelassenheit, Grafologie, Gute ...
30 Apr


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Translated from German

over 1 year

Current employee, Unlimited employment

If nothing changes now, we can close the company!

The working time model is very good in some areas (Mon-Fri, office hours). This is rare in this day and age.

Generally raise wages to a higher level (especially for production employees). Thus the motivation of most of the employees would be at a higher level again, which would have a positive effect on performance and quality. More support for group leaders on the part of GL and not the opposite. Elimin...more

Translated from German

about 1 year

Former employee, Unlimited employment


The wages are right on time. I'm still looking for the other points worth mentioning... Sorry, nothing found!

Goals & Strategy! Improve communication! Create trust!

Translated from German

9 months

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Let's enjoy the time.

Nothing...nothing at all.... nothing at all.........and that's not gonna change. In about 12 months, the company won't exist anymore anyway.

There would be sooooo much that could be improved. But of course there is no money. But if GL would do their work according to their salary, 80% of the problems would be solved.