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Translated from German
about 1 year
Unlimited employment
I don't want to work here...

I applied for a job (in May 2018) and had a 1st telephone interview in English with a human resources specialist coming from Eastern Europe. I think I made a halfway good impression, because I was invited to a 2nd interview. This was via Skype with the head of this post, whose English I could hardly...more

Treat candidates with respect. If this reflects the corporate culture, I am very happy that shortly after the second interview I found a job in another company.

Translated from German
12 months
Unlimited employment
Very bad style in HR

The job description was detailed, albeit in English

I applied for a cadre position. Although I have experience in the same profession in a competitor company and met the requirements completely I did not receive any response to my application (not even an acknowledgement of receipt) and after 3 months!! a meaningless and meaningless rejection. That's...more

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