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We know the SAP® – market

Anyone who has been working for many years with SAP specialists, from consultants through to SAP management, their partner companies and clients, and has been on hand to help with training and provide project support, not only has a unique view of the market, but is also seen as a valuable advisor when it comes to staff selection issues. This proof of trust formed the basis of a vision that Peter Brom turned into reality in spring 2002, when he founded BROMsolutions AG. BROMsolutions specialises in the recruitment, selection and referral of consultants, product specialists and managers in the broad environment for SAP products and their applications. It handles both permanent positions and dedicated project work. Human Resources Competence Center for Solution Experts in SAP®

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3.02 reviews

Sehr gute Betreuung. Hier wird man als Kandidat auch auf die passende Stelle vermittelt, nicht auf irgendeine.


BROMsolutions AG Binningen BL

Sonnmattstrasse 33
4102 Binningen BL