Head of Drug Screening Laboratory

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Head of Drug Screening Laboratory

Italy, Milan/Naples, April 16th, 2021

Head of Drug Screening Laboratory

The Company
STALICLA is a patient-centric clinical-stage company whose key mission is to identify,
develop and bring precision medicine to patients with neurodevelopmental disorders
(NDDs). Overall, neurodevelopmental disorders are disabilities in the functioning of the
brain caused by an atypical brain development that results in abnormal behavior, memory or
ability to learn. NDDs affect 1 in 6 children worldwide and include intellectual disability,
dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning deficits and autism.

STALICLA’s first focus of development has been Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Today,
patients diagnosed with ASD account for 1-1.5% of the world population and the condition
remains a high unmet medical need, with no pharmaceutical treatments available to address
the core symptoms.

STALICLA has assembled a world-class team of experienced drug developers, clinicians,
computational systems biologists, geneticists and software engineers, developing a first in
class precision medicine platform using systems biology, machine learning & statistical
modeling to accelerate drug development for patients with NDDs. DEPI, the company's
unique drug discovery platform, characterizes biologically similar subgroups of patients
within highly variable populations of NDD patients, and further identifies tailored
treatments. To support its drug discovery platform and pipeline development, STALICLA has
established strong networks within top tier research and clinical centers.

STALICLA’s platform has already proven successful in expediting and de-risking a first
pipeline, STP1, tailored to a subgroup of patients with ASD which will be entering clinical
trials this year. In addition, STALICLA’s DDS (Discovery and Data Science) unit in Barcelona
is currently advancing new precision medicine pipelines for two additional subgroups of ASD

Location: Italy – Milan / Naples
Duration: Permanent – Full time
Salary: Competitive – Depending on experience and profile

Campus Biotech Innovation Park | Avenue de Sécheron 15 | 1202 Genève | Switzerland | + 41 22-545-12-42

The Role
As a rapidly growing company, STALICLA is currently expanding its team and opening – for
immediate entry – the Head of Drug Screening Laboratory position.

Reporting to the CEO, the Head of Drug Screening Laboratory will be responsible for setting
up a fully operational laboratory conducting state-of-the art cellular and molecular biology
& drug screening experiments.

S/he use her/his project management skills and knowledge of safety and lab procedures to
ensure day-to-day activities of the laboratory in accordance with industry standards and will
be expected to take full responsibility for the operations and staff management.

The three main experimental lines of activities at the unit are (i) fundamental molecular
and cellular biology capacity (ii) functional characterization of target genes and cell lines
(iii) drug screening via multi-omics profiling. The unit will be equipped with a last
generation experimental laboratory material and equipment, enabling the fundamental
molecular biology capacity including cell culture incubation, growth, maintenance, genetic
manipulation such as gene transfection, knock-out, over-expression of genes involved in
neurodevelopmental disorders and cellular drug treatment administration as well as
genomic, transcriptomic, metabolic, and metabolomic screening. The role of the project
manager has to demonstrate familiarity with cellular functional assays, cellular microscopy
and automated imaging techniques.

This role is an exciting career opportunity for an experienced, hands-on, fast-learning and
dedicated individual willing to join a mission-driven, high-paced environment.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Managing the key partnerships with collaborators and external providers from
    negotiation to contractual agreement(s), as well as project planning (including
    timelines, resources, budget, administration and reports), execution, and monitoring

  • Ensuring that all employees follow industry standards and safety regulations for
    handling and disposing of samples

  • Overseeing operational activities such as scheduling staff, reordering supplies, and
    maintaining standard security standards and implementation of standard protocols &

  • Training & mentoring lab technicians and assistants

Campus Biotech Innovation Park | Avenue de Sécheron 15 | 1202 Genève | Switzerland | + 41 22-545-12-42

  • Supporting the management of strategic projects for STALICLA, supporting the CEO
    and CTO

  • Coordinating with the STALICLA DDS Unit for drug screening experiments and
    monitoring contracts and deliverables

  • Reporting activities to the STALICLA DDU and DDS Units

  • Setting up and maintaining the Quality Management System (QMS) of the laboratory

  • Handling every information in a confidential manner


  • PhD in molecular biology, biotechnology, genetics or biomedical field is a must

  • Minimum 5 years of industry or pharma or CRO experience, with good knowledge of
    the experimental/wet lab techniques required for cell culture and characterization of
    drug response in cells

  • Proven laboratory organization & management skills

  • Experience in setting up a laboratory is an asset

  • Demonstrated experience in project management / certification in project
    management (PMP, RBM, etc.)

  • Understanding of administrative, legal and contractual documentation

  • Business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit

  • Familiar with laboratory safety regulations

  • Strong interpersonal, communication, presentation, reporting and negotiation skills

  • Full proficiency/bilingual in English (verbal and written communication)

In addition, the candidates are expected to have:

  • A high comfort level working in a high paced start-up environment, where a
    pragmatic, resourceful, well organized and effective approach is required with
    limited resources

  • A passionate, energetic and enthusiastic personality that will ensure commitment to
    the company and its vision

  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment and to adapt to novel framework

Knowledge or interest in NDD or related therapeutic areas is an asset. STALICLA promotes
diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion. Female, minority and candidates with
disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please submit application to: hr@stalicla.com

Campus Biotech Innovation Park | Avenue de Sécheron 15 | 1202 Genève | Switzerland | + 41 22-545-12-42