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Be at the Heart of Every Journey

We are building a company that we are proud of, by focusing on what it really means to improve things for our customers.

We are Experts

We are looking for talented individuals who will use their expertise to improve the way we work and drive performance in their teams. We need proactive and committed team members with a strong commercial insight who want to make their mark.

We work in Partnership

We pride ourselves on our approach to team work in all that we do and look to build lasting partnerships with our customers, suppliers & business partners. We need people that intuitively engage with teams across the business to build relationships and work together to deliver what is best for the business and our customers

We work in a Unique Environment

We are a global company with locations in airports, resorts & casinos. We understand what it is like to be truly international and we look for people who share this understanding and embrace diversity for the strength it brings to our teams.

Come & join our team and find out what it really means to be at The Heart of Every Journey!


Beauty Advisor Flughafen Zürich (50%)

The Nuance Group AGZürich

The Nuance Group AG

12.11.201850% – 100%

Beauty Advisor Flughafen Zürich (50%) - Chinesisch Sprechend

The Nuance Group AGZurich Airport

The Nuance Group AG
Zurich Airport

08.11.201870% – 80%
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Sales Assistant 100%

The Nuance Group AGGeneva International Airport

The Nuance Group AG
Geneva International Airport

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The Nuance Group AG

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